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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  April 7, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> i'm jim donovan. meisha and katie will be here in just a movement first, what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. a surprise attack, president trump orders us warships to strike syria. in response to this week's chemical attack, that killed dozens of civilians. >> i call an on all civilized nation toss join us to end the slaughter. >> a violent robbery in feltonville. the suspect opened fire on two men who had just passed a atm. >> i guess they were lucky that no one was injured. >> a powerful storm rips a roof off a building in west conshohocken. some even reported seeing a possible tornado. >> definitely scary moment for the nearly two dozen employees, who were inside this building. >> it is a home opener for the fighting phils, fitch first set for 3:05. >> legendary comedian, don rickles, has died. >> his width was -- >> we know what to call it, the lovely he is guy,
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completely opposite whatever would you see on stage. >> god bless you, don rickles, and thank you, thank you for everything. >> i am met don rickles late 80s, ellie nine's when worked in new york. really, really nice man. >> a surprise for people -- >> completely opposite of the character you see on tv. >> very interesting. katie, you are much like you appear on tv, very kinds and generous. >> oh, thank you. i'll slip that you 20 later in the morning. thank you very much, rahel. good friday morning, everybody, made it to the last day of work. we made it, thanks fully, also, to a much quieter pattern. now it is still little breezy outside. today still a transition day of sorts, as the storm system that brought all of that very, very stormy weather yesterday is making it departure, regardless, i don't think you need the wet weather gear here today. what you will notice on storm scan, more clouds beginning to move in across north and west
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most suburbs, actually still pretty clear sky. even here in philly, we call it partly cloudy at the moment. but with time, those clouds are going to take over, more at the skyline, and actually going to end up seeing couple of showers fire up out there. notice up across northeast most pennsylvania, it is actually coal enough to support even few snowflakes. so up in the mountains, could you see light wintery mix, but don't expect accumulation. meantime looking at the area temperature difference, you really haven't seen too much movement on the they are momper from this same time yesterday. but also, as the day goes on, those numbers here on the temperature change are actually going town crease, because we won't see much more warmth build in through the rest of the day, at best, i think, we get to the low or mid 50's, across the region as a whole. so it is actually cooler than average here today. it will even stay that way tomorrow before we begin to rebounds nicely, into next week. at the moment, it is not terribly breezy here on the skydeck, but do you have over the course after hour here reported at philadelphia international airport west to southwest winds flow at 20 miles per hour, so the
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winds will be noticeable throughout the day. and we expect gusts that could peak as high as maybe 30 miles per hour, so at best, chilly spring afternoon for you, a lot of clouds, but you will see passing shower here and there. like i mention meisha i really don't think the rain gear is a necessity here today, the bulk happened yesterday, thankfully looks like much of the road has all dried out at this point. so what are you findin finding n your cameras? >> basically kate what i we're seeing as well, dry roadways everywhere which is such a nice welcome break f there is one day we want it, we want it on a friday just to go out in a good way. that looks to be the case. although we are starting to build levels in certain areas like 95 south, betsy ross bridge, you can see it is almost starting to look little busy, little residual congestion, all week talking wet roadways, leave early, and when we do that most people continue to do so even with dry roadways, can't say i blame them. i say good. leave early today. vine, westbound, looking good, eastbound side starting to heat up, overall looking
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typical. typical in the world of travel not a bad thing at all. downed tree in bryn mawr, bryn mawr road closed between county line road and castlefin lane, use roberts lane or lancaster avenue your best bet around there. also talking about this building fire in new jersey so heads up, closed near 295, north and south, at balls borough-clarksboro, offer ramps are closed because of the building fire. it will affect you little bit. more moving into the 6:00 hour. mobile crew in new jersey, 55 northbound between 641 and route 42, out there until around 6:00 a.m. i'll let you know when they move out of our way, rahel, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. push has finally come to shove in syria. >> united states launched air strike against syrian air base after tuesday's chemical weapons attack against civilians. syria reports the air strike has killed at least seven people, nine others wounded. us missiles hit shearat airfield, the military planes took off and dropped those chemicals. defense department video shows
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tomahawk crews missiles launching from two naval ships in the meds at the arian sea, syria calls it an act of aggression, president trump is defensing his decision, and he puts the blame directly on syrian president assad, the president asked other countries to join him to ends the carnage in syria. >> tonight i call an all civilized nations to join us in seeking to end the slaughter and bloodshed in syria. and also to end terrorism of all kinds and all types. >> now, the chemical attack killed more than 80 people. survivors continue to deal with its aftermath. residents and doctors say many of those who fled have not yet returned because of fear of another attack and lingering fumes from the previous strike. >> house speaker paul ryan is suspending the military strike, his statement reads in part: this action was appropriate and just.
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these tactical strikes may clear the assad regime can no longer count on americans in action, as it carries out autrocities against the syrian people. pennsylvania congressman, brendon boyle, democrat on the house foreign affairs committee, also weighing in, and says he want ryan to takings, his statement reads: as our country initiates military action against a foreign country, it is clear, that speaker ryan must immediately recall members of congress into an emergency session to debate and vote on our policy toward syria. >> the time now a 37:00n business news this morning, where you can get the worlds' strongest coffee. >> oh, that always sounds good. and what coach is doing to change his fortunes. jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning again, jill. >> good morning, jim, rahel. futures right now pointing to lower open. air strikes in syria are creating a lot of uncertainty in the global financial markets, also, sent prices for oil higher. yesterday, both the dow and the nasdaq rose 14 points. so, is this now take two for
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the takata airbag recall? honda recalling accords from the model year 2003 to see if the replacements airbags have the same takata inflaters behind that massive recall last year. >> coach bringing in former good man to help revive the brands. shulman starts in june, will be in charge every all aspect of coach. >> and the worlds' strongest coffee is now available in the united states. black insomnia coffee 702 milligrams of caffeine it, needs 12-ounce cup, which is about four times as much as the average cup of coffee. it is available on amazon, but be aware, one cup has about double the caffeine the fda recommends someone have all day long. >> you know, our meisha, meisha, our traffic reporters, is paying attention to that, jill, she will be bouncing all over the studio with that. >> more than usual. >> all right, jill, thank you. >> well, in other news this morning, pair of armed robbers attacks two men in felton shrill, shooting one victim as he tries to run away.
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>> now, police are on the hunt for the gunman. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live at police headquarters with the latest on the investigation, jan, good morning, what do we know so far? >> rahel, jim, good morning. well, philadelphia police are calling this a brazen robbery, and shooting, in feltonville. now, the victim who was both robbed and shot was taken to the hospital, fortunately, now in stable condition, and expected to recover. the other victim who is not injured is now speaking with police. take a look at the video, we'll run down exactly what happened here overnight. this robbery and shooting happened just after midnight. two men, both 26 years old, got off a bus at fifth and wyoming in the city feltonville section, police say they then went to a atm to withdraw some money. and then, after walking about a block to fourth and wyoming, the victims were approached by two men with a gun. turns out, taking $250 wasn't enough for these suspect, listen to what police say happened next. >> according to the robbery, the victim lost the money after he handed over the $250. that's what his friend ran,
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and after handing over the money, the perpetrator still fired two shots at the victim, who was running, and he was shot one time in the back. so, a pretty brazen robbery. >> now, philadelphia police officers took that shooting victim to temple university hospital, again, shot in the back, but expected to make a full recovery. in the meantime, police are now searching for surveillance cameras in the area. also looking for two suspect, they believe, one man is in his four's, the other man in his 20's, anyone with information is asked to call police. we're reporting live outside the rounds house this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," rahel, jim, back into you. >> thank you, jan. >> new castle county police are investigating after a four year old girl missing from plum run was found safe two hours later in wilmington's banning park. "eyewitness news" told police they saw a suspect take the girl from the 4800 block of sugar plum court at about 7:00 . police now asking anyone with security cameras in the neighborhood or near the park to contact authorities.
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>> well, coming up: elementary school janitor lives to up his nickname, luck. >> i big time, hear how he managed to survive a tornado. pat? >> reporter: good morning, guys. hanging out here at a chilly citizens bank park, getting ready for opening day, as the nationals come to town to take on the philadelphia phillies. when we come back we will talk to the u.s. navy parachute team, the leap frogs, who will take a pass at this windy little ballpark this afternoon. more when we come back.
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happening today, gobioids end returned to his alma matter, the former vice president will join public celebration led by delaware student today at noon. the school's bands scheduled to per former and remarks from mr. biden and the university president. missouri janitor goes by the nickname lucky, and it is no wonders. he survived a tornado by taking cover in a school bathroom. he was working at an elementary school in good man, missouri tuesday night when powerful tornado hit. storm tore through the area ripping the school apart and and destroying part of it roofer. lucky said he was able to wait out the storm hiding in a staff bathroom. >> i'm not one to really get scared or worried about stuff, and i don't know, something told me to take cover. so i'm usually one of the people that watch them. >> boy, have to listen to that little voice. lucky said he's thankful to be
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alive but just wishes his truck could have been as fortunate. the vehicle as you can see here burried under debris from the school and the storm's parking lot. >> hopefully he has comprehensive coverage. i'm over insured because i'm afraid of everything. hey, look, he's alive. >> do you believe that the worse will happen. you got to be prepared for that kind of stuff for sure. glad to hear he's okay. guys, cleaning up from the storminess of yesterday for sure, thankfully today looking like much quiet err day in terms of precipitation. now, there is a chill in the air for sure. this storm, a lot more than anything today, will lever behind the chill, and you will notice that throughout the course of the day, but interestingly, according to the eyewitness weather watchers, and also our data here, we are definitely off to a relatively mild start. the thing is you're not going to rebounds all that much, from where we stand right now. we at best get into the low or mid 50's, we've got generally mid who's around much of the region, actually, take you back and take a look at just couple of pictures that came
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into us from yesterday's storm, jenny sent several in. you can see, the flooding, that took place, out in cherry hill, this is her yard, just puddles that formed. i had the same thing in my backyard, i'm sure you did, as well, where the rain just pounded down, and the ground couldn't soak it up quickly enough. but then as soon as the rain cleared, it was a gorgeous afternoon. you would never think that those two pictures were from the same day. but yes, it was such a beautiful afternoon. meanwhile, this is this morning. this one came in actually from phil. he stent in around 5:15, i feel like it looks like an alien is landing or something? he has a green sheen on the road surface here. but more than anything he sent this in to point out the fact that there is a lot of clouds that have gun to build in the chestnut hill section of the city. going to a format of some of the temperatures right now as well, just quickly go over these one more time. mid 40's what you walk out the door tonight so expect to need an extra layer. certainly, if you are hitting the ballpark here today for the phillies home opener the team sweatshirt definitely
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smart idea as well, it will be chilly. but with that said, let's take a look what the pattern is up to. with time we do actually start to rebounds very nicely. and very efficiently. but today is the chilly day. wouldn't you know, home opener. but from here on out those phillies game will get more and more comfortable. see the wrap around moisture taking place, in fact, cold enough to actually support some snow back across northwest pennsylvania, but we will also see few showers here, locally, in the poconos perhaps few snowflakes mixed in, you won't have to deal with any kind of accumulation. and then, high pressure, waits in the wings, as that high builds east, we are going to not only see more and more sunshine, but warm up from this point forward. so, quickly, bringing it back to this afternoon, as our phils are at home for the first time, there could be stray shower. it is not going to be a wash out. they're going to play, and again i would say the winds is most noticeable, as the chill is. those are the two things that you want to take into account here if you are headed out to the ballpark, really anything that you have got going on here today. if you have got to be outside for extended periods of time,
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you're not prepared with extra layering, that will be noticeable. it is going to be chilly afternoon. fifty-two at 3,051st pitch. i think we will actually hit 53 at best here today. around that same time. and then, boy it, do the hit keep rolling? are you kidding me? i ended upgoing to 79 for tuesday. that's my personal favorite. you can all understanded why, we have a string of sunny days here, tomorrow, still little breezy, still only 58. so little on the cool side. but nice day. and then we rebounds to the upper 60s, sunday, basically repeat of last sunday, monday and tuesday, oh, talk about kim of gems before our next cold front comes along to knock us back, so little closer to reality, meisha, not bad. >> no, i never look forward to a monday and tuesday, now i can't wait. i can't wait for tuesday, in general. all right, delaware county, 95 north at 45 2-6r789 take it all the way up to the airport, basically what we're looking at. looking good. any camera shot that we are looking at this morning is looking good. starting to builds levels
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little bit in certain places like the schuylkill or other busy places but overall things are looking good. look at this gorgeous shot, skies, just absolutely perfect, the blue, against the roadways, almost look like almost a yellow green color. just actually gorgeous. the boulevard headlight moving in the southbound direction approaching wissahickon avenue. all about capturing those little things. this camera, speaking of capturing, stuck, 422, taillights eastbound direction approaching oaks, that sky gorgeous as well, but they do say take a picture it, will last longer, there with your picture, by the way, nfl draft, it is coming to philly. the art museum steps, so many people real excited about this, phase one starts on machine day by the way, and how will this affect you? we will have lanes blocked in these areas. eakin's oval, ben franklin parkway, kelly drive, web spring garden street. heads up again phase one starting monday. it will affect you, slow us down little bit. the draft is april 27th through the 29th, thursday through saturday, so just a heads up. it is coumarin way very, very
5:50 am
exciting but it will be enough. it will make us nuts for those of house have to jump in the area. also, downed tree, as well, bryn mawr road closed between county line road and castle town lane. have to use an alternate. it will be your best bet around that. and, also, we have a building fire, as well, in new jersey, so heads up. berkley road closed near 295, 295 north and south at paulsboro clarksboro to off ramps closed around the area. building fire will affect you little bit with the ramps. more to come up in a little bit. rahel, jim, back to you. >> meisha, see you soon. painting the town red, baseball back in town. >> phillies home open is her this afternoon, "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen live at citizens bank park with a preview. good morning, sir. >> good morning, guys. yes, it is the homeowner for the 2017 season here at citizens bank park, the washington nationals will come to town today to take on the phillies, 3:05 start, really the festivities get underway here outside the ballpark right around noon. then the gates open at 12:35.
5:51 am
batting practice at 12:40, so day filled with phillies fun. they started the season on the road in cincinnati. that began on monday. and yesterday they played an afternoon game. that get away day started at 12:35. as the phillies took on the reds. and it looked good at the start, as daniel nava1 of ther o homeruns at first two at bats. the red sox actually first homerun of his careere phillies, grand-slam. but, it all fell apart for the phillies later on, michael, a hn to centerfield, the reds, ends up winning by score of seven-four, taking theut they'll look to do some damage this weekend as they come back home against those washington nationals. as i said, the fun begins really everyone should be in their seat i'm told by about 2:30 when the stuff inside the ballpark hams. hopefully it will happen with these guys, as well, the us
5:52 am
navy parachute brown, good morning, the park shot team. so john, you've got a local tie, is that right? >> i do. i actually agree upright across the rivnew jersey. >> that's nice, cool. so with that low tie, phill snap. >> absolutely. >> do you have say it for the camera. little windy here, that makes it little bit more challenging. you guys hoping to get this jump off today i'm sure? >> oh, yes, we need to make this happen. hoping the winds die down milese beginning of the stadium. so we can enter safely. yes, we will take it as it comes, looking at winds right now, when our jump comes at 2:50, we'll check in again and hope for the best. >> were you guys go up how high do you go? what's the procession of the jump?l actually go to about 5,000 feet. we will get approval through the faa, through the tower, and then pretty much at that point come down on final and jump out of the plane and enter the stadium. >> your first jump ever, right? no way, no way. >> no, we do this couple of
5:53 am
hundred times a year, last year we were fortunate to get a practice jump at thee definitely need the game jump. >> so how many different ballpark stadiums? i mean is nothing new to you oh. we jump into about, i don't know, probably 25, 30 per year. >> wow. >> that's pretty cool. twenty-five, 30 a years y geteas for what two, three years, and how many times a day? >> that's correct. we do this two, three years before we go back to naval special warfare. usually get anywhere from six to eight jumps in per day, and it adds up to more or less over 500 jumps throughout the year. so as far as the 25 to 30 jumps, that's just major leaguefl, but also hitting up a lot of local high schools, various venues, doing over probably 150 to 200 demonstrations around the us. >> you guys are used toope you can get the jump off today and the win dice down little bit for you. we know how it can be,rl us navy parachuters are in the
5:54 am
house, 3:05, first pitch, guys, looking forward to it. >> all right, pat, thank you. >> coming up unexpected interruption, hit on the internet this morning. >> just ahead, we will show you how a kat man and dollars to up stage a mayor. we will be right back. more "doing chores for dad" per roll
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>> if you're a cat owner, you will relate. >> mayor of the lap yana capitol, on line "today show," became instantly distracted as his cat walked into view, and then, ya, started drinking from his mug. the mayor is well known animal lover, he actually has two pet cats,. >> well, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news," meisha takes us on another dream drive. >> on the health watch, swanker to expect and the mother, what you can eat during your careful joe, they've got you outnumbered. the dinosaurs' extinction... don't listen to them. not appropriate. now i'm mashing these potatoes with my stick of butter... why don't you sit over here. something for everyone is awesome. find your awesome with the xfinity stream app.
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>> we're seeing the first evidence of damage from that attack.stys launch 50 tomahawk crews missiles, pentagon officials say they knocked out the air ape chemical weapons attack, more killed. vet yan shows the impact on that air base. president trump says attack on its own ppl act. >> vital national ste to prevent


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